Practice Charter – Our Mission Statement

The aim of our Practice is to provide high quality medical care to meet the needs of our patients, whilst making responsible and equitable use of resources available.
Our Responsibility to You

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We will provide same day access to a GP in the event of an emergency. We will offer you the choice of either face to face or telephone appointments and we will do our utmost to see you at a mutually convenient time. Our appointments may not run to time but we will do our best to keep you informed of waiting times and offer alternatives.
Patient Rights

You have certain rights in relation to our services:

The right to be registered at our medical centre if you live in our catchment area.
The right to see a GP (not necessarily your own) at our medical centre.
The right to telephone access to a GP 24 hours a day, 365 days a year (when we are closed you will speak to an out of hours GP).
The right to be visited at home if it is considered necessary by the GP.
The right to receive any treatment which is immediately necessary when temporarily away from home.
The right to change GPs without giving a reason by simply applying to another GP.
The right to request to see your medical records. Please speak to Patient Services for further information.

Please note:

You need to give your consent before being examined or treated; a visit to the GP is assumed to constitute consent.
You are not legally bound to accept treatment, however GPs can give essential treatment if the patient is temporarily incapable of understanding or giving consent to treatment. If the patient is permanently incapable through mental illness it is possible for a legal guardian to give consent.

Your Responsibility to Us – Please help us to help you

Please treat our staff with courtesy and respect.
Please let us know any changes to your personal information – name, address, phone numbers, email etc.
Please give us honest and accurate information of your health in order for us to treat you appropriately and safely.
Please arrive for your appointment on time. We reserve the right not to see you if you arrive late for your appointment.
Please cancel your appointment if you do not need it.
Please follow your course of treatment, the benefits of which will have been explained to you and also the possible consequences of non-compliance.
Please remember to order your repeat medication before you run out. We require 48 hours’ notice to allow us time to authorise the request and prepare the medication.
Please only ask for a home visit if you are too ill to visit the surgery.
Please keep your phone call brief and avoid calling during the peak morning time for non-urgent matters.
Please ask us questions if you do not understand any information we give you.

You are responsible for your own health and well-being and that of your children and dependents. Whilst we can give advice on maintaining a healthy lifestyle, it also needs your co-operation.