COVID-19 Coronavirus Update

As a practice and as part of your community we strongly urge you to listen and take on board the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) advice that is being shared through official government and NHS channels.

Patients will be asked a few questions about their current health before a call back with a clinician will be facilitated. No routine face to face appointments are available for pre-booking – you will be required to speak with a clinician before an appointment can be booked.

Please do not visit the practice unless absolutely necessary.

We continue to issue 28 day prescribing of repeat prescriptions in-line with NHS England guidance. Please do not ask for additional supplies of medication. We are looking at alternative ways for patients to collect prescriptions and working with local communities to distribute medication to villages – more information will be shared with you once we know how this will work.

Please visit the following websites for further advice and support about social distancing, self-isolation and managing any symptoms.…/stay-at-home-guidance-for-households-w……/guidance-on-social-distancing-for-ever…