Living with diabetes? Manage your health online 24/7

There are currently 4 million people in the UK living with diabetes. GP online services provide patients – particularly those with long-term conditions, such as type 1 and type 2 diabetes – with a convenient way to better manage their health.

David Calver, a patient living with diabetes, explained why he signed up for GP online services: “Initially, I signed up for a repeat prescription. However, I found the wider uses, such as booking appointments and seeing test results useful too, as you can look back at the history of them.

“Having a long-term condition such as diabetes means I need to make appointments with my GP practice. My surgery is very good at booking appointments when my review is due over the telephone, but now I have the ability to amend that date and time online.  It is very convenient.”

“Using GP online services can help patients with diabetes manage their condition better. Having access to your GP records online can help you talk to the healthcare team about your individual needs. Also, being able to order repeat prescriptions and book appointments online has helped people to organise their daily lives.”

NHS England has produced a video featuring David Calver, talking about his experiences of managing his diabetes and how GP online services have helped him.

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