The PPG Welcomes Your Input

The Patient Participation Group Welcomes Your Input

The purpose of the group is to promote an exchange of information and ideas between the practice and their patients.
Attendance at every meeting, 4 a year at the moment, is not mandatory and they are fairly informal.

We would like to vary the topics of the presentations and would appreciate input with ideas from more of the patients.

There is currently poor representation for the “ UNDER 60’s” on the group.
We would like to know what YOU think of the present and of future Healthcare Provision in Rutland.
What matters to you?
What works well and what could be done better?
Are there any Healthcare topics you would like to know more about?

You can also communicate by becoming a member of the virtual group where your thoughts and ideas can be put forward at the meetings.
All patients and staff of EMC are welcome as members.

The positions for Chair and Secretary are now vacant.

Look on the GET INVOLVED page of the website for more information.

Or email with suggestions for topics that interest you.
[email protected]