The surgery is able to offer travel advice along with information about vaccines needed for your trip. Most vaccines are available to be given at the surgery although some will need to be paid for.

At least 6 weeks prior to travel a travel form must be submitted either online via [email protected] or via Patient Services at the surgery.

Download our travel form here

A Practice Nurse will contact you after reviewing your form and an appointment will be offered if appropriate. If a form is submitted less than 6 weeks before travel an appointment is not guaranteed and you may have to attend a private travel clinic.

Please find below a selection of useful resources to help you travel safely in terms of your health. Travel can be adventurous, challenging and exhilarating. To be well prepared before you go will hopefully just keep you safer while having a brilliant time when away.

NHS Fit for Travel
MASTA Travel Health
National Travel Health Network and Centre
Government Foreign Travel Advice
NHS Choices

Key Important Advice

General Advice Leaflet
Mosquito Bite Advice
Travelling with Medicines
Rabies Advice Booklet
Yellow Fever Leaflet
Chart on Safe Food and Drink When Travelling
TravelHealthPro Ebook
Zika: Sexual Transmission Advice from PHE