Welcome to the home of Rutland Healthcare

The Rutland Healthcare web home brings together the GP practices across Rutland.

It allows patients, carers and staff of the practices to:

    • access the very latest advice from NHS England in a handy A-Z of health conditions, showing description of the condition, symptoms, what they can do to help themselves, where they can go for advice, where they can find treatment; and links to further reading and articles;
    • enter their postcode to see details of local NHS and care services, including GP Practices, Hospitals, Pharmacies, Dentists, Care Providers, Care Organisations, Opticians and Clinics;
    • get advice, tips and tools to help them make the best choices about their health and wellbeing, including advice on alcohol, diet, exercise, lifestyle, weight, smoking, sexual health; and sleep and tiredeness
    • take an online Heart Age test to see their risk of getting heart disease or stroke;
    • read all the breaking national news happening right now from across the healthcare and GP world;
    • learn from in-depth analysis and insights into the facts, figures and research behind the news;
    • tap into health-related conversations happening right now on local social media; and
    • delve into the ideas that make health happen via the Rutland Healthcare Think Tank